Mad River IPA

IPAholic Index: -0.5

  • Carbonation: 0.5
  • Smell: -0.5
  • Flavor: 0.0
  • Hoppiness: 0.0
  • Aftertaste: -0.5


  • ABV: 7.0%
  • IBU: 70.4
  • Calories: Unknown
  • Origin: Humboldt County, Ca
  • Container: Bottle (12 oz)

Imagine you’re in Northern California driving home from Burning Man. You pray to the rain gods to wash five days of the playa off of your neighbor’s minivan even though you know that nothing short of replacing it will return it to the condition you took it in. You planned to meet up with some homies along the Lost Coast for one final campout before returning to your $2M, 870 sf home in Palo Alto but you soon find yourself quite lost because your GPS isn’t getting signal and you don’t realize that the Lost Coast wasn’t named for arbitrary reasons. In desperation you head East and eventually find yourself being magically drawn off the 101 to a brewery called Mad River. Your order yourself an IPA thinking that the worst is over and that at least you can book a nice Airbnb on your phone, but with your first sip you realize that you are even more lost than you think. ‘If this is an IPA, I must be in Milwaukee!?!’

While this is not a true story nor is it even loosely based on real events, we feel that it captures our sentiment after taking our first few sips of this ‘IPA?’. Instead of being heavy on the hops, we found it to be heavy on the malt which is a real deal breaker for us. While we do love Northern California, we just couldn’t get behind this brew. We want NorCal to beat out SoCal in the West Coast IPA scene, but it won’t be with this beer.


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