Saint Archer IPA


IPAholic Index: 2.0

  • Carbonation: 0.0
  • Smell: 0.5
  • Flavor: 0.5
  • Hoppiness: 0.5
  • Aftertaste: 0.5


  • ABV: 7.0%
  • IBU: 66
  • Calories: 204
  • Origin: Saint Archer Brewing Company. San Diego, Ca
  • Container: Can (12 oz)

You may already be noticing a theme that many of the IPAs we review here at IPAholics are from San Diego. This is simply due to the fact that San Diego is a major hotspot for the West Coast style of IPA that we have come to love. Saint Archer does a great job of delivering the flavors and smell that define the West Coast style, and we enjoy grabbing a six pack  whenever we see it up here in Berkeley.

Fun Fact: We first enjoyed Saint Archer on our road trip around the United States. As we were headed South through California we decided to turn down a road on a whim looking for place to camp. We found ourselves at a beautiful beach a short ways North of Santa Barbara. It was so beautiful that we would have been content even though we were out of beer (rookie mistake), but fortunately there was a little store there and they sold Saint Archer. Thank you little store for hooking us up!



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